The mineral and energy resources segment is one of the core business activities identified by Poh Group as having sustainable and long term prospects of growth and profitability. We have assets in resource-rich frontiers like Mongolia and Cambodia where we have built up sizeable investments.


In Mongolia, favourable new investment laws passed by the local government in November 2013 now allow foreign private investors to invest under terms similar to domestic investors. This has led to a more open, stable and sustainable investment environment that is expected to be more attractive to foreign investors. Poh Group is currently one of only a handful of Singapore companies invested in mineral resources in Mongolia.

Tian Poh Resources

Building Resources

For The Future

Through its subsidiary, Tian Poh Resources Limited, Poh Group holds an enviable land position with 11 concessions spanning 125,000  hectares, which are located in the same world class minerals province that hosts two of the world's top 10 largest mineral deposits – Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi. Tian Poh Resources Limited (ASX:TPO) was listed on Australian Stock Exchange 11 November 2014. It is the first of Poh Group’s companies to be listed.


Tian Poh’s assets are held under its 100%-owned Poh Golden Ger Resources Pte Ltd (“PGGR”) and its Mongolian subsidiaries under Poh Golden Ger Resources Mongolia LLC and Huabei Kuangye LLC.  The concessions are strategically located in relatively good proximity to planned infrastructure and the border with China – one of the largest and fastest growing consumers of copper and coal. Driven by its high GDP growth rates, China’s appetite continues to climb at a fast pace with demand for copper outweighing domestic production.


Nearby is Russia, which presents another source of demand.



In Cambodia, the country’s mining sector is still largely under developed. Although there are currently a large number of boutique miners running small operations mining for gold and other minerals, there has been no industrial scale extraction of precious minerals.  However the market has started to liberalise as the government has granted a number of exploration licenses to both local and international companies in recent years to encourage investment in this sector. This presents good prospects for our investments in this market.

Poh Resources (Cambodia) Ltd

Poh Group has invested in a 512 km2 gold mine concession in Cambodia through Poh Resources (Cambodia) Ltd . The size of the concession is larger than Singapore and its potential has already been assessed in initial discoveries of gold sediments and positive auger samplings results by Australian Geologists.

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